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For Venders/Users

GattiMelam has an interactive tool that helps make 'TO-DO' list & customize it for easy & accessible planning.

Budgeter Planners

Budgeter assists in planning your expenditure with an interactive calculator, accurately and efficiently.

Secret of Success

Teamwork is as important as innovation when planning an event to ensure that the clients enjoy the best possible corporate event.

Make your Event Gorgeous

Gattimelam is a progressive company which provides innovative thinking, expertise and dynamism that will make your event a truly unique and highly memorable experience

Perfect Plannig

We believe the design, choreography and execution of an event constitute a gracious, and oftentimes, strategic message on the client's behalf.

We Offer Any Event

To encapsulate the excitement, anxiety, joy, smiles, tears and more into a celebration with family and friends, that one would treasure till eternity and beyond, is the very essence of 'The Real Events'.